Recent Projects


Here you can view some of our recently completed projects, as well as samples from our other work. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

Aaron Juarez Video

Aaron was a bright young man, who had his life taken from him when he was fatally beaten in a fast food parking lot. The proper security was not in place, leaving Aaron helpless to defend himself against two violent men and their rage. This video explores Aaron’s character, his accomplishments and the brutal events that took his life in an instant. Now Aaron’s family is left with an unbearable loss and the constant question of why this happened.

Ben Milfelt Video

Ben was a field technician who was severely burned when caught in a flash fire at a job site. He was underground in a manhole at the time, performing routine maintenance on a motor, when the fire broke out. Ben sustained life threatening burns to most of his body and now he and his family look back on the pain they’ve endured, the recovery process and how different life has been for their young family since the accident.

Melinda Herrera Video

Melinda was an active and vibrant woman who was caught in a catastrophic accident on a freeway in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was on her way to work, when a semi truck’s tire exploded just ahead of her. This caused the truck to collide with her, forcing Melinda’s SUV to flip into oncoming traffic. Now a paraplegic, Melinda describes the constant struggles that she endures on a daily basis, while trying her best to cope with the new reality.

Junior Esquievel Video

Junior and Blanca are two young children, who were traveling with family when they experienced a tragic car accident. A tire on their parent’s vehicle suddenly lost its tread and blew out. The rollover accident claimed the lives of five people, including their parents. Now they are orphaned, living with family members, and struggling with debilitating injuries. Junior is paralyzed from the waist down and Blanca suffered a traumatic brain injury from the accident. This video details the negligence displayed by the tire company and a depiction of the accident. It also includes interviews with the children, their care takers, and footage of what their lives used to be.

David Joseph Video

David was a young and respectful man, who was unarmed and fatally shot by a police officer in an Austin suburb. Although the officer was informed that there were no weapons involved, he still decided to take deadly force and end the young man’s life. This video shows an outpouring of support for David’s mother and two brothers as they deal with their tremendous loss, and reflects the bright light that he was.

Tony Crocker & Bob Bessler Video

Tony and Bob were called to do a clean-out at a well site near Stanley, North Dakota. They were both severely burned in an explosion that could have been prevented, had the equipment been properly placed on the site. Tony and Bob now face extreme and lifelong burn injuries. The video includes admitted negligence from the rig supervisor and emotional descriptions from all who were involved.

Brendan Wegner Video

A tragic story about a fiery oil rig accident in N. Dakota that resulted in the death of an exemplary young man. In this video we see how his passing has impacted his family in the small town of Montello, Wisconsin. Even the “Toughest” individuals have become a bit choked-up after seeing Brendan’s story.

Scott Westfall Video

Scott Westfall, of Corpus Christi, Texas is a mentally-challenged young man who was working and enjoying his life until a freak accident changed everything. Our video details how Scott and his mother are coping with this new , painful reality.

Frank Ramirez Video

Frank Ramirez is a hard-working young man who was the victim of a maritime accident aboard a small “Line-handling” boat. Due to an error in judgement by another crew member, Frank lost the ability to see out of one eye. Our video explains how this sort of injury can affect one’s productivity, mental-outlook and self-esteem.

Steve Fuentes Video

Life aboard an offshore oil platform is intense and uniquely dangerous. This video shows what happened to a middle-aged man who was known as “Safety Steve” …someone who cared deeply about doing things the “right” way…and who became a living example of what can happen when safety procedures are ignored.